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Ayllu Collection

It takes a strong woman with determination to develop and run a successful business. From a young age, Elena’s mother taught her to be independent with an entrepreneurial mindset. She stressed the importance of being a leader and blazing your own trail.

AYLLU represents each wearer’s own sense of community. An essential part of Elena’s AYLLU is the community of female business owners across the globe. She believes in the encouragement of women in a society that doesn’t always make it easy for them to succeed.


The Ayllu Community

Ayllu is a beautiful representation of communities reconciling through solidarity. Being a member of Ayllu means to embrace inclusivity and acceptance. Now more than ever - it is essential for us to use our voices to stand strong together.

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Creating the Design

Each emblem that comprises the AYLLU symbol was chosen for its importance in a bonded community. The heart represents the love shared with the important people in life. The infinity symbol reminds us that we are entwined in the global community forever. The clover brings good fortune and prosperity.

The AYLLU symbol embodies the coming together of different people, values and cultures to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its separate parts.

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Growing up in a multicultural household granted Elena Castaneda – the founder of Bling Jewelry and designer of the AYLLU collection – firsthand experience how different values and traditions can come together to create something new and beautiful. Her German-American mother and Peruvian father met in a place that embodies this principle-New York City. Though they came from vastly different backgrounds, they learned how to embrace differences and celebrate as a family.

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Our Commitment to Charity

Elena encourages wearers to share inspiring stories on how they embody the spirit of AYLLU.

This is why .25 CENTS of every piece of AYLLU jewelry sold benefits a different the global communities every month. In giving, our hope is to inspire others to do the same.

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