Oscars Red Carpets 2018

The 90th annual Oscars this past weekend had everyone dripping in jewels. It is no doubt the stars were serving us some stunning looks with one unanimous goal in mind to show out, and show out they did. There were enough diamonds on the red carpet to blind Stevie Wonder or have us bathing in a Taylor Swift jeweled filled bath tub. We have good news for you though, Bling Jewelry has made it our priority to show you how you can steal some of these infamous looks without breaking the bank. Get ready for some jewelry inspo to help complete your next outing attire! Shop our complete Red Carpet Collection here!


Nominated for best actress in a leading role for her part in “Lady Bird”, Saorise Ronan had one of the most breath-taking looks of the night hands down. Her style was very simple yet stunning in a cascading soft pink Calvin Klein dress with a “Marilyn Monroe inspired” statement bow- her earrings easily completed the piece. These dainty diamond earrings can be recreated with our stunning CZ Sensation Drops. You don’t have to spend a fortune to sparkle, Bling Jewelry makes it simple for you to get the same beautiful look for less.

Bold, blonde and beautiful there is no doubt J-Law brought her A game to the red carpet this year. The Red Sparrow star who was in attendance as a presenter channeled her inner oscar trophy and was dripping in gold with her metallic Dior dress. But what caught the Bling team’s eye was not only her smoldering smokey eye but those cutting edge earrings. Straight to the point those earrings probably cost more than my last three months rent but have no fear Bling Jewelry happily supplies what you demand with our Chic Lines Jackets Earrings. These earrings are exactly what you’ve been needing in your life, you can thank us later!

Wonder Woman herself had everyone dropping jaws in awe at this glow up look. Gal Gadot not only got the approval from the Bling team but an overall standing ovation for that shining silver Givenchy dress. But what really made her look was the Tiffany necklace, feauturing a 27 carat aquamarine drop and over 1000 diamonds! THAT NECKLACE IS EVERYTHING. Not only does that thing way more than a new born baby, it would cost you an arm and a leg, then your other arm…..and your other leg to have it as your own. That’s where we come in- Bling Jewelry recreates this elegant drop necklace for much less with our Crown Rules Necklace. Nobody can dim Gals sparkle so why wouldn’t you let Bling Jewelry help you encompass the same shine.

Danai Gurira was looking like a straight Queen on the red carpet. The Walking Dead star and Wakandan warrior’s look was inspired by Gurira’s African ancestral roots.The detail of the white, tribal paint inspired, design on the back of her head not only was very traditional but it was the perfect crown to complement that light pink Hearst gown. But it is this diamond choker that is one for the books, and don’t you want to go down in history? Easily steal this statement piece necklace for less with our very own Cascade Class Choker. In order to be a queen one must wear her crown proud and you can bet all those around you will be awe struck if seen in our stunning choker.

Zendaya served up some straight class on the red carpet. Her one of a kind, draping Giambattista Valli Couture gown stood out not only for its style but also for its warm chocolate hue. Her down to earth personality made this masterful look even more compelling. A natural beauty, Zendaya still knows the right amount of bling to keep our heads turning and we can’t say we object. Those captivating pendant earrings are enough to make anyone do a double take. Good news you can easily shine as bright as Zendaya with our eclectic Clear Tears Earrings. After all who wouldn’t want to have stunning little chandeliers drop down from their ears?

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