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Ayllu Heart Infinity Clover Love Luck Unity Wedding Band Ring Sterling

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Marking the beginning of a new global community in which we are forever entwined, this beautifully crafted sterling silver infinity band ring with AYLLU symbol accent features a poignant message expressing AYLLU's ideals of love luck and unity. Packaged in handcrafted gift boxes with a pamphlet telling the story of Ayllu's community. SKU: AYL-110-5-AZ
WEAR IT! SHARE IT! PAINT IT - The Ayllu symbol has the power to transform and inspire. JOIN the MOVEMENT! CELEBRATE our diversity…and STAND TOGETHER in solidarity.
LOVE LUCK & UNITY - The design is comprised of two hearts, which represents the love we share. The infinity symbol for unity forms a clover that is forever entwined in a global community

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