Signal Knot Woven Rope Braid Twist Shirt Cufflinks Stainless Steel

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Bride Grooms, it is time for you to step up and put as much thought into your wedding accessories as your bride does. With these stainless steel plated love knot cufflinks, your bride to be will beam with love and pride when she sees how thoughtful you were. Wearing these love symbol cuffs, will show her that you take the wedding and the coming marriage very seriously. Cufflinks for men are the kind of mens accessories that unless you spend your days in a business suit, you do not get to wear often, but you can show your love how special she is to you, by wearing this gorgeous cufflinks set. SKU: XY-00162799-S-AZ
Material: Plated Stainless Steel, Measure: 0.8 inch L X 0.45 inch W, Weight: 13 Grams
Torpedo Toggle Back

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