.25CT Tension Bypass Bezel CZ Couples Engagement Ring Titanium Ring

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The dashing style that this 8mm unisex ring utilizes as a stone setting emerged in the late 1960s as an innovative way to do away with the traditional prong setting. These cubic zirconia rings showcase a unique and ingenious type of engineering that allows the observer to perceive the stone seamlessly floating and defying gravity. This CZ ring has a slight domed surface with an exquisite mirror finish. There is a 4mm diagonal cut which houses the round cut multi-faceted stone on this tension set CZ rings. These engagement rings are a cool contemporary slant on the traditional engagement ring. Order a engagement ring today. Also makes a great gift for Fathers Day, Graduation and Birthdays. SKU: FJ-TUR-418B-5-AZ UPC: 640626644778
Measure: 8mm W
Material: Titanium, Alloyed, Carbide
Why Buy Cubic Zirconia: Show your love for the Earth and your sweetheart by choosing cubic zirconia jewelry gifts. Lab created CZ reduces social and destructive environmental impact caused by the mining of diamonds

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