Egyptian Pyramid Charm Evil Eye Blue Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver

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This evil eye pendant utilizes one of the most mysterious symbols in western culture. The eye of providence is a symbol used as the US seal. It appears on the one dollar bill and is also renowned as a masonic or illuminati symbol. This .925 Sterling Silver evil eye pendant features a detailed .925 Sterling Silver pyramid image with an evil glass eye in the middle. This silver evil eye pendant is a great everyday pendant and Whether you are an ancient symbol fan, a conspiracy theorist or you just have a keen eye for fashion. This pendant will do the trick for you. Chain Included. SKU: BS-MS-EE-AZ UPC: 640626615372
Measure: 0.8in x 0.7in
Weight: 2.1 Grams Material: .925 Sterling Silver Oxidized , Glass, Chain Included
Eye of Horus and Pyramid Elements of Mystery and Holy Things of Ancient Egypt for Bringing Luck and Blessing

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