Pave Crystal Ball Blue Lapis Shamballa Inspired Bracelet Black Cord

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The beautiful deep blue in these Lapis lazuli beads invokes a calming effect. Said to be the stone that enhances ones awareness, insight and intellect, this Lapis beaded bracelet inspired by Shamballa Jewels may help you meditate and open your mind to new knowledge. Perfect for a student or someone who is learning something new. These 12mm blue spheres surround one bright white crystal disco ball. The black nylon and blue beads around it really allow the crystals to pop. This is a great unisex piece and will look great on any guy or you know. Buy this adjustable bracelet inspired by Shamballa Jewels for your favorite person who needs a little uplift, they will be sure to love it. Inspired by Shamballa Jewels designs derive their inspiration from the original jewelry designs of Mads Kornerup, who founded Shamballa Jewels ApS, which owns the trademark Shamballa. For more information go to the authentic Shamballa Jewels products. SKU: CB-BR12674R-AZ
Measure: 7 inch L x 0.55 inch W,
Weight: 37.73 gram,
Stone: 12 mm,
Material: Crystal, Nylon
Adjustable 7 to 9.5in