Charming Gift Guide

When it comes to shopping for a woman that you love - whether it’s your mom, sister, daughter, teacher or friend - there is no better holiday gift than a thoughtfully-chosen charm! One of our favorite things about charms and beads is that there are so many styles to choose from! Designed to adorn a bracelet or necklace chain, charms are simply the perfect way to express personal style and passions. Take it from us: the gift of a charm or bead is playful, personal, and completely charming. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.



Grow her charm collection with a whimsical holiday-themed piece. A holiday charm is extra special. Since it can only be worn for a short period of time each year, it automatically creates a tradition of sorts and is worn during unforgettable and precious moments during the holiday season.


personalized charms

Customise a charm or bead with initials, a message, or a special date!

This gift is especially unique, personal, and just a totally perfect present. An engraved charm will help to mark a memory that she will never forget.


create your own

Capture your spirit with one of our charm bracelets and a selection of meaningful charms.

Choose the perfect combination of charms that tell the story of your life. This is the perfect gift to slip in a stocking or go in on with siblings or friends. Choose the beads one-by-one or check out our collection of starter bracelets to get a jump start!



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