That's why we created Bling Jewelry

To be the place you go for stylish, high-quality, this-is-me jewelry—no matter who you are. Because everyone has a touch of the adventurer in them and more than one side to express. Who doesn’t need something classic and something trendy? Something for fun and something for those special days in life you’ll always remember. And don’t forget something for the people you love.

How do we put our collection together? We listen to what you want—and use our finely honed fashion sense. (Yes, it’s like a Spidey sense.) We keep one eye on the style blogs and fashion magazines and the other on sales data, so we see not just what fashion dictates but what people fall in love with and buy.

Then our team of designers and manufacturers deliver the pieces you want—to our quality levels and for our great price—in days and weeks, not weeks and months. We refresh our selection all the time, too, so there’s always new inspiration to dive into.

You may notice our latest inspiration in our logo and new signature piece. They express endless luck and love—two things everyone can use a little more of.

At Bling, we do what we do so you can show who you are.

Our Inspiration

The curator of our diverse and wearable jewelry collections is the founder of Bling Jewelry, Elena Castaneda. Her entrepreneurial mindset came from her Peruvian father who wheeled and dealed with garment manufacturers, and her mother of German heritage who encouraged her to blaze her own path. From humble beginnings in a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan, Bling has now grown to a top-selling site for sterling silver jewelry and a multi-million dollar company with manufacturers all over the world.

As a woman of many distinctions—image consultant to Manhattan’s elite, clothing boutique owner, and pioneer in online sales—she knows how to bring the style of the stars to everyone in an easy and affordable way. Elena keeps our collections fresh and on trend while building her vision of sharing joy, luck, and love with her customers. Her Fab Frenchie, Sasha, acts as Bling’s sparkly mascot. Not only does she offer up plenty of cuteness and kisses, she brings style inspiration and a bit of her sass to their social media and website.