Earrings are easily the most frequently bought item of jewelry by men and women. Unlike rings or necklaces, earrings are often alternated and matched to daily outfits. They complement special occasion dresses and can give daytime looks a fun, funky edge. Shiny sterling silver earrings or earrings made of other precious metals can flatter a complexion and completely brighten the face. A great pair of earrings is the most versatile fashion accessory anyone can shop for. Buying all color earrings or any earrings that speak to your accessory style is a great way to shop for earrings. There are literally hundreds of earrings for men and women available at various stores and retailers. So how does one choose? It’s all about your jewelry style and finding the earrings you love.  But what if you’re not sure what your earring jewelry style is?

No worries, here are a couple of fashion tips to help you have a great earring shopping experience: When buying your earrings, think about the occasion you are shopping for. Casual earrings are great for everyday wear. Sterling silver earrings are often considered casual, small pearl earrings and hoop earrings can also fit the bill as every day wear earrings. Then, there are always diamond studs. Studs that have a brilliant shine light up any face. The only issue with wearing diamond studs is that if one is lost, that’s a huge financial loss for the jewelry owner. For many, that is not an option. A great solution for that is to purchase CZ diamond earrings. They look just as great but cost far less than half of the amount of diamond earrings. For jewelry collectors, this is a win-win situation.

Huggie earrings can also be a casual choice. These styles go well with t-shirts and jeans, summer dresses and business casual wear at work. Casual earrings should also be affordable and durable because they will receive a lot of wear and tear. These earrings easily become the favorites in any jewelry collection. How about a more formal occasion? A formal occasion can include anything from a birthday dinner for a friend to the wedding of a co-worker. Which formal earrings you wear also depend on the event you are attending. Sometimes, you can’t go wrong with hoops. Gold or silver hoop earrings come in a variety of sizes. Small silver hoops may work better at a formal dinner than large ones.  

Designer inspired cubic zirconia earrings are also a good option. They sparkle like real diamonds without the added expense. Our cz studs, chandeliers, and fashion earrings give you so many options to choose from for that special event. What are the best earrings to wear to a party? Parties are fun and festive occasions. Unlike weddings, parties have a more casual feel. That doesn’t mean your look should go by the wayside. In fact, it is just the opposite really! You want to feel great at a party and the best way to do that is by looking great. Party earring suggestions include: long earrings, big earrings or dangle earrings. Look for turquoise earrings or other bright gemstone earrings for a funky party-ready look. There are so many occasions where earring can really enhance the outfit, brighten the face, and help create a cute, well put together look.

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