Yes, Christmas in July is Here and it’s Time to Celebrate

Christmas in July has been a long-standing tradition among some North American retailers, but its origins are a lot more interesting than just a mid-year excuse to clear out holiday inventory.  In fact, we have our Aussie friends to thank for it.

While the idea of kangaroos pulling Santa’s sleigh is not part of the story, Australians, New Zealanders and many other Southern Hemisphere countries celebrate Christmas in July (in addition to actual Christmas).  The reason: most everyone in the Northern Hemisphere thinks of Christmas as a cold, snowy winter holiday (ever listened to any Christmas carols?), and beneath the equator December is hot and July is cold(er).

In the Northern half of the globe, Christmas in July is a great time of year to do some off-season shopping and snag some amazing deals.  Stretch your holiday gift-giving budget by shopping early and stashing away some jewelry presents well in advance of December (at fantastic prices).

So when you think of Christmas in July, imagine Santa on the beach… with a bag full of blingy presents.  

What do you think?  Can we make Christmas in July a real holiday around the world?  Who doesn’t love a good party?… especially people on the naughty list (you know who you are).


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