Here's Why Clip-On Earrings Belong In Your Jewelry Rotation

Whether you have a consistent personal style, or like to mix things up, clip-on earrings should have a place in everyone's style file.

As a universal ear accessory -- anyone of any age can wear them, pierced ears or not -- they are a quick and easy way switch up your look.  While clip-ons of past decades may have gotten a bad rap, today's clip-on earrings are lightweight, better engineered and come in the same fashionable styles as your favorite chandelier or stud earrings.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should add and keep clip-on earrings in your rotation.

Modern Comfort: Modern clip-ons are designed with comfort in mind. By balancing the earring's weight with the tension of the clip, today's clip-ons can be worn comfortably all day long. Some even have extra padding added to make them softer against your flesh. Forget those oldschool styles that would pinch and irritate your lobes, these newer designs are made for the busy woman who wants to wear them from morning 'til night.

A Quick Update: While trying to find the perfect outfit, we often stand in front of a mirror trying on a hundered different clothing combinations. When it's time to accessorize and you're not quite sure which direction to go, clip-on earrings let you do a quick change with lightning speed. Snap on and pull off multiple styles without searching for piercing holes or losing those tiny earrings backs.

Endless Options: Thought clip-ons only came in those classic round styles? There are now more options than ever! Whether you're looking for on-trend ear cuffs, classic clip-ons or glam dangle clips, there is now a world of earring options for non-pierced ears. Check out these top three styles below.

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