Discover The Different Engagement Ring Shapes

An engagement ring is a significant piece of jewelry -- next to your wedding band -- that will always remain with you. No matter how old you get and no matter what life throws your way, that engagement ring will still rest on your finger, a beautiful reminder of your love and commitment. In the old days, it was said that the left ring-finger was directly connected to the heart and that concept has stayed true throughout the centuries. If you're trying to find your perfect piece, read on to learn about the different stone shapes for your perfect piece.

The Most Popular Engagement Ring Shapes

The Round Cut 

The round cut engagement ring is a classic by any standard and thus, the most sought after stone for brides-to-be. Its spectacular 58 facets provides an abundance of sparkle and glam that catches every etch of light for maximum brilliance. It’s no wonder that it was the perfect choice for Mila Kunis.

The Princess Cut

Another popular stone for brides is the princess cut.  It’s simply dazzling, and just like the round cut it has 58 facets that shimmer for a breathtaking shine. On the surface, the princess cut might appear to be square; however, the cut actually more closely resembles an inverted pyramid. The princess cut is absolutely brilliant.

The Emerald Cut

The emerald cut has a long and rich history. With clean lines and perfect symmetry, it typically has 57 facets that help form that beautiful sparkle. If you’re wondering what gives the emerald it’s clarity, look no further than the stones top. If you’re wondering what that daring glamazon ring is on Beyonce’s finger, why it’s a whopping 16 carat Emerald of course.

The Asscher Cut

Every girl want’s to be a princess when they grow up and the Asscher cut is a truly regal stone. While the Asscher is similar to the emerald, it has 58 facets and a wider set. The Asscher has an octagon shape and It was designed to capture the innermost beauty of the stone.  The stone is among the most brilliant of all the other stones and has been nicknamed after Elizabeth Taylor, the queen of elegance.

The Cushion Cut

The iconic cushion cut, made famous by the Hope Diamond, has deep roots from the 19th century. In fact, much of world's most beloved and infamous rings are cushion cut, so it’s no wonder why its popularity is gaining. There is no doubt that this square stone with round edges surpasses in brilliance -- after all, it has a stunning 68 facets that can sparkle in any ambiance. The cushion cut is desingned to let maximum light shine through.

The Oval Cut

The oval cut was designed to maximize both brilliance and sparkle. It's similar to the round cut, yet it has its own unique facet and uniformity.  Due to the oval cut’s measurements, it allows for a wealth of light to reflect back from the surface while allowing no light to escape from the bottom or the sides of the stone (hence the stunning sparkle). It’s no wonder that beauties like Blake Lively and Salma Hayek are donning this lovely stone on their hands.

The Pear Cut

A superb cut is a perfect blend of the brilliant round and marquise cuts. Brides looking to make a statement choose the pear cut, often referred to as the teardrop. This elegant and well-crafted stone was made popular as far back as the 1500’s and is just as popular today. A beautiful combination of style and grace and the perfect engagement ring for the romantic at heart.

The Radiant Cut

Combining the most spectacular parts of the emerald and round cuts, the exquisite radiant cut has all of the ingredients for an aesthetically pleasing and popular stone. It is often compared to the cushion cut, but make no mistake, this stone and It’s fiery facets make for a remarkable and worldly sparkle. It has an undeniable brilliance that can’t be missed.

The Heart Cut

Who says that hearts are only meant for Valentine's Day? The heart cut, perhaps most famous as the gift to Queen Elizabeth in the 1500’s from Mary Queen of Scots, is thought to be a modern cut, but our love affair with heart shaped stones goes much further back in time. This is undoubtedly the most unique cut of all due to its distinct shape and laborous craftmanship. If presented with a heart cut, you will be mesmerized by the detail and brilliance that only a ring such as this commands.

The Marquise Cut

A cut fit for royalty no doubt, and considering that it was French King Louis XV who was first among those to commission such a cut, it’s not suprising that the marquise cut is quite popular with brides. The stone is spread out beautifully in the shape of an oval that stretches and meets at a point on each end. Its long and narrow shape has often been compared to a boat, but what a darling boat it is. The bride who wears a marquise cut diamond is sure to receive a lot of attention. The stone is set high and catches a lovely facet of light and sparkle.

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