What Your Stone Shape Says About Your Personality


An engagement ring – one of the most important pieces of jewelry a woman can receive. This monumental piece will earn a prime spot on your finger where it will be displayed every single day, so of course you want to find one that’s the perfect fit. Below we’ve pulled together the ten most common engagement ring shapes and given you a little snippet of what it may say about your personality. We have also provided wedding dress suggestions and found your favorite celebrities that rock that same style ring. Whether you’re looking to learn a little something about yourself, or need some Pinterest board inspiration, read on to learn what your favorite engagement ring shape says about you.




Women who choose a round engagement ring love tradition – but this doesn’t mean that you’re boring! These women love a classic and know that a simple round stone will stand the test of time. From an elegant gown to a t-shirt and jeans, this timeless piece will go with pretty much anything and will never come off your finger (even when on vacay in that teeny bikini!)

You are: classic, elegant, traditional
Wear it with: pretty much anything!
Celebrity match: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Shop This Stone: Round


The name says it all. A square ring will make a statement with sharp angular lines and also emit a ton of sparkle. The woman who chooses a princess cut engagement ring loves pretty and girly things, but she isn’t sugary sweet. She is traditional with a flirty edge and a slight bad-girl vibe.

You are: stylish, fun-loving, ladylike
Wear it with: a mermaid gown
Celebrity match:  Hilary Duff

Shop This Stone: Princess



Never leave a mess around a woman with an emerald cut ring – she is the epitome of sleek and chic. This woman prefers a slim and tailored look but still likes to make a bold impact. An emerald engagement ring has minimal facets so it must be flawless to achieve a superior look. This bride will be extremely organized – but fear not, she will leave the bridezilla qualities behind.

You are: confident, minimal, flawless

Wear it with: a sleek sheath with cape
Celebrity match: Amal Clooney

Shop This Stone: Emerald 



Thanks to Carrie Bradshaw and Daisy Buchanan, the Asscher cut has resurged in popularity over the past few decades. The woman who wears this stone has an appreciation for history and loves vintage jewelry and clothing. Her house and wardrobe are probably filled with quality hand-me-downs and unique thrifted finds. Her vintage style wedding ring will be an heirloom piece that she passes down to her daughter and granddaughter.

You are: feminine, a vintage-lover, fashionable
Wear it with: your grandmother’s re-worked vintage gown
Celebrity match: Zoey Deschanel 

Shop This Stone: Asscher



The cushion cut is somewhere between a round and princess cut stone. Needless to say, the woman who wears one appreciates tradition but wants to add her own fashionable twist. She is effortlessly romantic – so while she doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve, she definitely has a deep love for her other half. Her style is understated glam – she pairs classic clothing pieces with sparkly statement accessories.

You are: effortless, glam, a secret-romantic
Wear it with: an A-line dress with super long train & crystal embellished shoes
Celebrity match: Kim Kardashian-West

Shop This Stone: Cushion



A newer style of engagement ring, the oval cut is just as sparkly as a round, brilliant cut but has a little unique edge with its elongated shape. They’re a great choice for a petite bride who wants something to elongate her fingers. This woman loves to find new ways to rework classic pieces – like pairing a pencil skirt with a vintage tee.  

You are: a risk-taker, innovative, classic-with-a-twist
Wear it with: a long-sleeved backless gown
Celebrity match: Blake Lively

Shop This Stone: Oval 



The woman who craves a pear shaped stone really wants to set herself apart. She is one-of-a-kind and isn’t stuck on keeping tradition in her wedding – she is definitely going to do it “her way.” She is highly creative and the most likely to plan an alternative wedding. Barn party with craft beer, anybody?

You are: unique, adventurous, independent
Wear it with: a crop-top and long skirt
Celebrity match: FKA Twigs

Shop This Stone: Pear



As the name suggests, a radiant cut stone really sparkles and shines. This shape and cut is made for the woman who has a big personality and really wants to stand out. On her wedding day, there’s no doubt she will be the center of attention. While she may be a bit of a diva, her love for her partner runs very, very deep.

You are: infatuated, a diva, a big personality
Wear it with: a strapless ball-gown style with layered tulle
Celebrity match: Jessica Biel

Shop This Stone: Radiant 


As is anyone’s guess, the woman who chooses a heart shaped engagement ring is the ultimate romantic. This shape of ring is more common as a loving gift (see Nicki Minaj’s massive heart ring), so the woman who commits to wearing one every day most definitely wears her heart on her sleeve. She is lead by her emotions and her relationship is a high priority in her life.

You are: sentimental, romantic, whimsical
Wear it with: a dress with a train and extra-long veil
Celebrity match: Lady Gaga

Shop This Stone: Heart



A marquise shaped wedding ring is another unique stone that strays from the classic, so the woman who chooses one definitely wants to stand out. Because of its long and slim shape, your ring will appear larger than a round or square stone with the same carat weight. The tapered points also emit a sleek and sexy vibe. This woman has a flair for drama and will most definitely be posting her ring on Instagram the second she receives it.

You are: dramatic, outgoing, sexy
Wear it with: a super-fitted sheer and lace gown
Celebrity match: Victoria Beckham

Shop This Stone: Marquise 

*Always keep in mind that the perfect engagement ring for you is the one that YOU truly love. It may be sentimental because your significant other spent years trying to find it, or you may not wear a ring at all!

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