Our favorite engravable jewelry

Jewelry is can be a really thoughtful, elegant, and long-lasting way to express your love or passions. It also makes a wonderful gift! Every piece of jewelry you give a loved one is a special treasure to be enjoyed forever, but an engraved piece is even more personal.

People have been engraving things for centuries. Why? Well, because it lasts a long time! Engraving is a way to make jewelry into a message or a statement that will last for years to come.  

At Bling, we love engraved jewelry! We have a great collection of pieces that can be easily engraved, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, and more. Here are a few of our favorite pieces that you can personalize for yourself or someone you love: 



Pendant necklace

Simple and minimal jewelry is a trend right now. This bar necklace is gorgeous alone, but even prettier and more meaningful when you add a name, date, or word that you love. Bonus: it also layers well!



Bangle bracelet

Gold or silver… you can’t go wrong! A stunning, classic piece that looks great with any outfit. Add an engraving and it will stand out even more. Make a matching one for your sister or friend so you can feel connected wherever you go!



Heart charm

Charm bracelets are already a beautiful way to express yourself. Take it one step farther with an engraved charm! It’s a simple and classic item that will turn any charm bracelet into a one-of-kind piece.


Stainless steel ring

Whether it’s for him or her, a stainless steel ring can be a gorgeous and very personal addition to any look. Our favorite part about engraving a ring is that you can keep the personal message hidden inside of the band or customize the exterior so all can see. We love both options!