Gift Guide For Him

As of this week, gift-buying season is in full-swing! If you’re anything like us, the names often left alone on our lists are our fathers, husbands, sons, or male relatives and friends.

Finding the right gifts for men in your life can be a challenge! Jewelry may not be the first idea that comes to mind, but at Bling, we have a treasure trove of gift possibilities for the men you love.

As you get started on your shopping adventure, here are a few things you may want to consider:

  • How does he like to dress outside of work? Is he limited with what he can wear to work (i.e. a uniform, suit, etc.)?
  • Take note of the jewelry his friends, dad, and brothers wear. This may indicate what he will feel comfortable and confident wearing.
  • Drop hints and gauge his reaction without being too obvious. Say something like, “My sister just bought her boyfriend a titanium ring. Isn’t that cool?”
Mens Bracelets and Cuffs


Whether it’s metal or leather, we’re confident he’ll love a piece that has an eye-catching and masculine look!

Dog Tags

With its iconic military heritage, these necklaces come in many styles and materials and can even be engraved to add an even more personalized touch. Let creativity be your guide!

Gifts For Him Engravable Dog Tags

Gifts For Him Engraved Jewelry

Engraved Jewelry

Speaking of engraved jewelry, we love the idea of getting your guy’s name or one of his favorite sayings engraved on a bracelet, ring, cufflinks, or pendant!

Money Clips

This is perfect for the guy who hates the bulk of a wallet. Available in numerous materials and styles, these clip onto paper cash and credit cards and easily fit in a pocket! Check it out! 

Gifts For Him Money Clips

Gifts For Him Earrings


Whether the guy in your life wears one or two, the holidays are a good time to expand his earring collection!


A lot of guys have never worn any rings other than a class ring or wedding band, but some may be totally open to considering a bold and fashionable ring. Rings for men not only look attractive, but may also have an interesting story to tell.

Gifts For Him Rings

Gifts For Him Pendants


Pendants that hang from neck chains come in many styles perfectly suited for men and their interests. Find one that fits with the passions and style for the man that’s on your list!


You’ll have many options to consider, but that’s a good thing! There are traditional, digital, round, square, leather or metal options… and they’re all great! What do you think he’ll like most?

Gifts For Him Watches

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