Spooky jewelry for Friday the 13th

Are you a superstitious person? Many people find Fridays that fall on the 13th of the month to be a little creepy or unlucky. And there’s just something extra spooky about a Friday the 13th happening in October!  

We love this time of year… the costume parties, scary movies, apple cider, and special jewelry! We have a great selection of perfect jewelry for your favorite October events, including Friday the 13th! Check it out!



Halloween jewelry 

Friday the 13th is the perfect day to wear something unique, beautiful, and maybe just a little creepy. Halloween is only a few weeks away, after all! Get ready for all the fun with spooky jewelry. Whether you prefer devil horns, creepy snakes, or scary skulls… there’s something for you!




Evil eye jewelry 

The evil eye symbol has been valued by many cultures for centuries. It’s believed to help protect yourself and loved ones from misfortune. Thankfully it also makes for really adorable jewelry! Enjoy some good fortune with our evil eye jewelry you’re sure to love.


Halloween charms 

Looking for the perfect Halloween bracelet? Charms are the perfect way to go! We have an incredible selection of Pandora-compatible beads that will help you express your spooky style perfectly. Pick and choose the right combination of charms that are both creepy AND cute!


Black jewelry 

Nothing is as elegant, timeless, and spooky as the color black. Always appropriate and never dated, our gorgeous selection of black jewelry will give any outfit (or costume) you wear this month the perfect finish you need.


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