Jewelry Inspired Halloween Costumes

The wind carries a slight chill and the smell of pumpkin spice lattes fill the air. We admit we’ve been bit by the Halloween bug...or vampire…and have been obsessing over costume ideas for a few weeks now. We believe that you are never too old to dress up but as you get older the costume decision making seems to get a lot harder. Social media bombards us with a plethora of options making it difficult to resolve on just one. The back and forth usually results with you settling on an idea the day before Halloween leaving little time to perfect your ensemble.

Bling Jewelry is here to assist the ever stylish, ever bling-worthy fashionista. Costumes centered around bling are easy to pull together and will have you turning heads all night. We’ve created a one stop shop for your costume needs by eliminating the hassle of scouring the web for accessories that are “just right” (you’re welcome). Use our curated list of iconic, bejeweled women throughout history along with their corresponding bling to put together a look that will impress. Stand out this Halloween and let your accessories do the talking. 


Holly Golightly


The well-known character from Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Holly Golightly, is the Upper East Side’s original socialite. Known for her love of glamour and flirtation, Holly makes her living touring New York City’s hottest cafes and mingling with the wealthy. She can always be spotted dripping in jewels which makes her the perfect costume for the Bling girl.

How To: Channel the outspoken socialite in her most well known pieces: tiara and pearls. shimmering studs, and strands of pearls.  



Talk about a powerful woman. Cleopatra was the last pharaoh of Egypt and reigned for more than 20 years. Although no one is quite sure how she looked, the ruler is almost always depicted in layers upon layer of bling. In Egyptian history, gold jewelry was said to be a symbol of status and power, two things Cleopatra had in abundance. Large necklaces, bracelets and earrings were decorated with elaborate designs and colored glass. It is said that Egyptian nobles were buried with their most expensive jewels and Cleopatra was no different.

 How To: Walk like an Egyptian in gold and turquoise statement pieces. Layered gold necklaces and standout chandelier earrings are accessories fit for a queen.


Lorelei Lee

Lorelei Lee is an American showgirl from the 1953 movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Depicted by the iconic Marilyn Monroe, Lee is obsessed with diamonds. She makes it her mission to ensure that she be doused in jewels for the rest of her life. Remember, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

How To: Go wild with stacked rhinestone bracelets and necklaces as Marilyn Monroe’s flashy Lorelei Lee from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.


1920s Flapper

Flappers were the rebellions of the 1920s. These women listened to jazz (GASP!), danced, drove cars and wore an excessive amount of bling. Flappers are categorized by wearing a deluge of pearls, rings, brooches and rings to accent their simple slip dresses. The style regained popularity after the reboot of The Great Gatsby in 2013.

How To: Channel the classic The Great Gatsby and hit the dance floor in ritzy bracelets and strands of pearls. Don’t have a glistening headband? Get resourceful and pin a statement necklace in your hair!



Madonna is THE Pop Diva. The performer stunned people all over the world with her androgynous street style and excessive bling. Her look throughout the 80s consisted of loud layered necklaces, bright chandelier earrings, bracelets up to her elbows and wild hair.

How To: Eighties glam means jewelry...and lots of it! Wear mismatched pieces for that emblematic Madonna look. Combine black leather bracelets with dangling earrings and earcuffs and you're set for the night! You're a material girl in a material world so you might as well show it.


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