How to layer your jewelry

At Bling, we’re always keeping our eye on the latest and greatest jewelry trends. One of our current favorites is the layered jewelry look. In our opinion, the more jewelry, the better!

Layering jewelry is a bit of an art form, however. Though it creates a casual and creative look, there are a few tips and tricks you may want to consider. Here’s some of our best advice for getting that perfect layered look you’re going to love!





Layered bracelets will add a little flair to any look. We recommend beginning with a chunkier piece (like a thick chain or bangle) and then adding a few daintier pieces on top. This way, the chunkier piece isn’t hitting your hand all day (you can even push it higher up on your arm for a cool, unique look). This also applies to layering bracelets with watches. Here are a few of our favorite bracelets that will layer well!










Stackable rings are probably our favorite thing to layer right now. With 10 fingers, the options are truly endless! Whether you prefer small, dainty rings or more statement pieces, there is a way for anyone to really embrace this trend! One easy way to layer multiple rings is to begin with a handful of thin gold or silver bands all over and then to mix in more unique pieces. Mixed metals is another current trend, so don’t be afraid to wear different metals at once. Here are some of our favorite rings that look amazing worn together!







We think that layering necklaces may be the trickiest jewelry item to layer.... but it’s really worth it for that effortless, carefree, and sexy look! They key to layering necklaces is incorporating various lengths. Start off with your longest or shortest piece and build off of that. Pro tip: delicate necklaces look great with other delicate pieces and statement pieces pair well together. Everyone likes something a little different, so take some time to try different combinations and see what look fits you best! Here are some pieces to help get you started.




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