Don't Pay For A Name -- Get Better Quality Jewelry For Less

There are dozens of factors that can affect the price of a piece of jewelry. Not every “expensive” piece is well-made, and not every “inexpensive” piece is junk.

Many times, the price of a piece of jewelry is determined by the brand name more than the quality of the materials, the level of finish or even the actual cost to make it!

Here are some of our favorite pieces of Bling Jewelry that are not only a better deal than similar pieces from other jewelry brands, but ours are made with better materials to last longer, too. These aren’t just our opinions, they’re spelled out in black and white (and usually silver, too).

Comparison 1: Bling Double Hiss Ring

As Seen on Bling Kendra Scott’s Version
Bling price: $28.99 Price on Kendra Scott: $70
Bling’s material: Material Differences:
• Rhodium Plated • Rhodium Plated
• .925 Sterling Silver (yes... SILVER!) • Brass
• Cubic Zirconia • Cubic Zirconia


The verdict: There are two rings on a table. You are allowed to choose either one. One is brass, one is silver. Which would you pick? When you buy jewelry from Bling, you’re getting better materials that will last, and at a fantastic price, too.


Comparison 2: Bling Milky Way Set

As Seen on Bling BaubleBar's Version
Bling price: $19.99 Price on Bauble Bar: $34
Bling’s material: Material Differences:
• Gold plated .925 Sterling Silver • Gold plated "metal" (what metal???)
• Cubic Zirconia • Glass


The verdict: There’s a reason why food in a grocery store has the ingredients listed on the label… so why would you buy jewelry made out of “metal” when you could buy silver for less?


Comparison 3: Bling Pearly Swirl Cuffs

As Seen on Bling Fallon's Version
Bling price: $19.99 Price on Fallon: $145
Bling’s material: Material Differences:
• Gold plated .925 Sterling Silver • Gold plated brass (really?... brass!)
• Cubic Zirconia • Cubic Zirconia
• Cultured freshwater pearls • Glass "pearls"


The verdict: It’s hard to beat silver jewelry, but paying over 7x more for brass? We can’t even understand that. Oh, and if you want richness and visual depth in your pearls, don’t settle for less than real, cultured freshwater pearls.

The next time you shop for jewelry, don’t just compare prices... compare materials and craftsmanship, too. Shop Bling Jewelry.