Minimalist Jewelry Trends

Statement jewelry can be fun… and we’ll talk all about it in the coming weeks as award season kicks off, but some days a gal just wants to rock something a little more understated and simple. That's why we love the minimalist jewelry trend that’s currently having a moment. We can’t get enough of these delicate, low-key pieces you can wear everyday with every outfit.

To be clear: minimal doesn't have to be boring or basic. Here are three of our favorite minimalist jewelry trends along with our favorite pieces. If you're looking to up your jewelry game this winter, read on!


Whether it’s in gold or sterling silver, you just cannot go wrong with a simple stud earring! These earrings look great while lounging around the house in yoga pants or with a date night look. We’re big fans!



The midi and pinky ring trend is just a delight! These pieces are delicate but can say so much about who you are! Find a ring - or two or three - that expresses your personality and passions. They are just so fun and totally stylish. 


It’s time to fully embrace all the circles, squares, and triangles! It’s a classy look with a modern twist. These geometric shapes look good in all colors and all forms of jewelry. Pick a style that fits your look and rock it all winter long!

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