The Mother's Day Gift Guide

Get ready for May 12 and show off the skills your mom has taught you.
From our first steps to the special jewelry she let us borrow, mothers inspire and teach us everyday. On this Mother's Day, let’s follow her advice and find the perfect gift she deserves.
Our mothers are always telling us they don’t “want” or “need” anything. But do they really mean it? Probably not. I mean who doesn’t love to be thought of, or given a special sentimental gift.


mother's day watches 

1. Don't Be Late

How many times did mom wake you up for school, so you can get a head start on the day, eat a hearty meal and made sure you were on time for that morning science test. Well it’s true, moms do know best.

Keep her advice going, by gifting her a special watch. We’ve got styles for those moms who are classic, glam, retro or love the bohemian feel, all at an affordable price. 

 mother's day necklaces

2. Details Matter

Mom always says when it comes to gifts, no matter how big or small the thought counts. This Mother’s Day choose something that has great sentiment behind it.

 mother's day pin

3. Unsure? Go Classic


When in doubt, stick with basics.

Our minimalistic jewelry is a great choice, since you can never go wrong with a something simple. Stick to basics and you can never go wrong. 

 mother's day personalized

4. Express Yourself

Mom always told us to keep our heads up, have confidence and most importantly believe in ourselves. Gift mom a motivating sweet message or even customize a necklace with her children’s names, yours included; and she’ll feel so special.

 mother's day - mother daughter necklace

5. Mom Inspires Me


You know that saying, “like mother, like daughter,” well why not make it reality by gifting her with a special matching jewelry piece? Our Mom Daughter Pendant Break Apart necklace ($22.00) is an ideal choice this Mother’s Day, and will always bring the special bond you two have together.

The pieces will also make you both think of each other no matter how near or far you are.

 mother's day charms

6. Write Your Own Story

This Mother’s Day gift mom some special roses in jewelry form with styles that won’t break the bank. Our floral and rose collection is full of gorgeous earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. (Bonus: she’ll love it even more if she has a green thumb.)

If roses aren’t her cup of tea, make her feel special with handpicked charms that will suit her hobbies and personality. You can even customize a charm bracelet for her based on her personality and various hobbies she has. For example, if she loves shoes, there’s charm for that. If she can’t live without coffee, we’ve got a charm for that, and so on.


Mother's Day gifts under $30

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