Unique Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas to Make Mom Smile

When shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the thousands of choices.  Candy?  Flowers?  Jewelry?  (Of course, we tend to like the bling!)

One thing we’ve discovered is that any Mom will appreciate the classics on Mother’s Day. Breakfast in bed, time spent with her children and of course, a memento that will help her remember a very special day. Here are some of our favorite selections for Mother’s Day 2016 so you can bring the bling for Mom and make sure it’s a day she’ll remember for years to come.

Mother & Child Jewelry

Mother and Child Heart Pendant Necklace

This is a classic artistic theme reinvented in jewelry form!  The “Mother and Child” or “Mother and Baby” motif is great as a Mother’s Day gift for new moms because it symbolizes that powerful one-on-one connection between Mom and child.

Heart Jewelry

CZ Heart Dangle Earrings for Mom

Heart necklaces, bracelets and rings are a classic symbol that makes a perfect choice for Mom. Not only will she wear it now, she’ll wear it all year ‘round and always think of you when she sees it. Give her a gift that keeps on giving with a pair of simple heart stud earrings that she can wear every day.

The Mother’s Day Pin

Mother Daughter Cameo Brooch Pin

When  Mom wears a pin, you know she has a unique sense of style.  A fun brooch will exclamation point any outfit. Choose something classy – like a pearl or flower pin. If you have a quirky mom, have some fun with a vintage style insect or cat pin. Your gifting options are endless.

Mother’s Day Flowers (no water required)

Flower Themed Watches for Mothers

Real flowers may be gorgeous, but they wither to nothing in three days flat.  Why not consider a piece of flower jewelry with style AND substance? You’ll keep mom always looking fresh. 

Pandora-compatible Charms for Mother’s Day

Pandora Compatible Charm Bracelets for Mothers

Everyone has a story – full of travels, dreams, hobbies - and you can help your Mom tell more of her story with our Pandora-compatible charms.  Read about why Bling Jewelry’s charm beads are better than the rest: Bling Jewelry’s charms.


Pearl Jewelry Gifts for Mom

Whether your Mom is traditional or hip, there is a pearl style she’ll love.  Bling’s pearls go far beyond old-fashioned “strings of pearls” from decades ago!

Baby Shoe Charms

Baby Shoe Charms for Mom

Have a friend or family member who just had a baby? Congratulate her with an adorable baby shoe charm! Choose a cute color from her baby shower, or commemorate her child’s birthday with a sparkling birthstone shoe.


Mother's Day LocketsThe best way to stay near mom’s heart? With a photo locket! Mom can always see her loved ones when she keeps their photo in a locket necklace. These are great for a mother who can’t always be around her children and wants a loving reminder that she can look at whenever her heart desires. Engrave initials, a name or a special message on the back

There you have it: Bling Jewelry’s Mother’s Day Gift ideas.  Whether you are looking for Mother’s Rings or something really unique, we have what she wants.

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