Current Must-Have Jewelry Trends

We are well into fall and soaking up all of the goodness this season brings... including the jewelry trends! Maybe you’ve noticed all the fashionistas out there proudly showing off beautiful pieces that are more distinct and personal.

Gold hoops, statement jewelry, and a lot of necklace layers are among our favorite trends. The minimalist jewelry trend prevails, but just because we’re scaling down in size doesn’t mean we’re cutting back on quantity.

This season is all about investing in pieces you can wear with almost any outfit any day.



Pendant Necklaces to Layer

Necklace layering can be tricky, but is totally worthwhile. We’re always inspired by the fashion bloggers and their necklace perfection. We especially love pairing delicate shorter necklaces with slightly chunkier, longer necklaces. What are you favorite necklaces to pair together?



Gold Hoop Earrings

The gold hoop earring was recently resurrected and people just can’t seem to get enough of this classic style. Gold hoops are a perfect match for a cocktail dress, jeans and t-shirt, or bikini. We’re obsessed!

Statement Rings

Bring your fingers into the spotlight with gorgeous, stackable, and oversized rings. Fancy jewels, colorful gemstones, and golden studs are totally your best friends right now. Pair your favorites together and make a statement with these rings!

Chunky Chain Link Bracelets

Elevate an ordinary look with a chunky chain. It’s just like a statement necklace without all of extra stuff. They look great layered or alone, so you can’t go wrong! We promise these chain link bracelets pair perfectly with your favorite fall sweater or holiday party dress… you definitely want to try this trend!


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