Ring in the New Year with Party-Ready Jewelry

The last night of the year is special. It’s one of the few excuses many of us have all year to dress up in our fanciest clothes and jewelry. Make sure you spend the night right. This is your chance to feel glamorous!

New Year’s Eve is the final send-off of the holiday season, which means that once January 1 arrives, it’s back to the winter blues. So whether you choose to mark the occasion with a formal dinner, hit a dance club, or just enjoy takeout with close friends, you’ll want to put extra thought into a jewelry look that greets the New Year with glee!

Here are a few of our favorite pieces that will ensure your New Year’s Eve look is totally party-ready!


shimmer and sparkle

December holidays are the perfect time to bring some light to the darkest month of the year. So, on New Year’s Eve, choose jewelry that will catch the light and make you stand out! Diamond-covered pendants or long, layered necklaces of different lengths will dazzle as they catch the lamp or candlelight. If you’re wearing dark colors, choose white gold or silver for shimmering contrast.


bring the drama

It’s time to break out the jewelry pieces you simply can’t get away with any other time of the year!. Think of your New Year’s Eve events as a costume party, or a special occasion to bring out your most daring self. Dress boldly with chandelier earrings, oversized cocktail rings, or show-stopping color gemstone pendants.


highlight the texture

The dark, cold months of winter often result in people wearing subdued colors, so wherever you end up on New Year’s eve, most people in the room will be wearing black, dark red or dark gray clothing. Create some unique texture with jewelry and you’ll definitely stand out! Hammered cuffs, mesh bracelets, or other textured metal jewelry will add glamorous glimmer to the evening.


star studded

The promise of the new year makes the night electric and filled with excitement. What better way to symbolize the feeling of a fresh start than with stars? They’re fun, magical and wonderfully symbolic. Choose a shimmering star pendant, charm, or something with diamonds for some extra flair. 


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