Top Prom Picks For Every Style Of Prom Dress

So many choices and only one special night to flaunt them. Choosing your perfect prom look can be a daunting task. Classic long dress with matching costume jewelry? Red carpet glam inspired by the Queen Bey? Whatever shoes and dress you choose, Bling Jewelry is sure to have the perfect pieces to finish your look. Choosing the right prom accessories can take your look from classic to glam to total badass. Check out our looks below for an insta-worthy look that will definitely stand out.


Prom Classic Beauty

Classic Beauty

Classic doesn’t have to mean basic. A minimal and sleek dress can be dressed up with beautiful matching accessories. Sapphires for blue dresses, emerald for green – our options are endless! You can go for one standout piece like a staggering pair of chandelier earrings, or really up the glam with similar earrings, a necklace and a cocktail ring. The guesswork is all taken care of when you choose from our matching costume jewelry sets.


Prom Boho Princess

Bohemian Princess 

Girls who love braids, cutoffs, fringe and summer sandals, these pieces are for you. If you made it to Coachella to celebrate the end of the school year, go for a Bohemian style prom dress that is long and flowy. Your accessories should include some chic gold ring stacks and a fun arm party of cuffs and bangles to match. Colorful gemstone prom jewelry will also add a fun pop of color.


Prom Romantic Vintage

Romantic Vintage 

If you’re a fan of an old classic (Gone With The Wind, My Fair Lady) then try a light colored dress that is soft and romantic. Pair it with vintage jewelry styles like a sparkling hair comblong pearls and Art Deco inspired dangles.



Prom Rebel Mind

Rebel Mind 

If you love to stand out from the pack, try a dress that does the same. Whether it’s super short and flirty or not even a dress at all (jumpsuit anyone?!), your prom outfit should be a reflection of your fun and fashion-forward sense of style. Your accessories should definitely not be the norm. A statement cuff, some large rings and a sparkling ear cuff or crawler will definitely pack some punch.


Don’t have a specific inspiration for your look?
Check out some of our styling tips that will help you make prom a night you’ll never forget.

Be mindful of your neckline - Other than your dress’s color, the neckline is one of its standout features! Think of it as a frame for an eye-catching piece of bling. A low neckline is great for a statement necklace but if you’re not showing much skin, be sure to keep your piece simple.

Try out matchy-matchy - With all the time you’ll spend picking the perfect dress, it seems natural that the rest of your look should mesh well together. Matching all your pieces may seem old school but it’s a great way to make sure everything is cohesive. Remember – it’s the digital age! Your jewelry is going to be in every single selfie and squad photo of the night!

Don’t be afraid to take a risk - Do you go to a conservative school? That doesn’t mean you can’t show a little personality! Take a mini style risk and add some fun accessories that reflect your personal style. Ring stacking is a fun way to add some interest. Or try a silver cz anklet to add some sparkle to your heels. The options on our site are endless! It’s your night to shine so make sure your accessories help you sparkle too.

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