Safe and Stylish: Vaccination Jewelry

Vaccination bling is sweeping the internet.

Vaccination jewelry is here and it's trending. From celebrities to public officials, it seems everyone is using this stylish way to show they are vaccinated and safe. Wear it proudly to show your support for science!

Our newest collection, made up of vaccinated rings, vaccinated dog tags, charms beads, and pendants, lets others know immediately that you have been vaccinated. Proudly share your vaccination status with our high quality, durable pieces and shop over a dozen styles for him and her. Some phrases on the various jewelry items include ‘COVID-19 Vaccinated’, ‘Fully Vaccinated’, ‘Vaxxed’ and more.

The collection is a way to send a global message and to protect others. According to the Centers for Disease Control, getting vaccinated is one of the many ways to help protect from COVID-19. Other ways are by wearing a face mask and using physical distance. By wearing vaccinated jewelry, you are letting those around you know that are protected and safe to be around. Vaccinated jewelry also makes a great gift.

Our Vaccinated Horizontal Name Plate Bar Gold Plated Crystal Birthstone is perfect for layering and keeping safe. This simple and sleek thin rectangular bar necklace comes in twelve birthstone colors and can be personalized.

For edgy style, our Vaccinated Engrave Mens Black Titanium Dog Tag Pendant Stainless Steel is a classic piece that still adds some style. This dog tag pendant can be customized and is a great choice to wear after you receive the vaccine.

Shop our exclusive collection here:

Our necklaces will show the world that you're vaccinated and will bring ease to others around you. 

Vaccinated charms keep everyone safe and add a safe addition to your favorite charm bracelet.

A vaccinated ring will help protect others and is engravable for a personalized touch.


Shop the rest of our collection here:


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