Gift Guide: Jewelry for the Spiritual Soul

At Bling, we love this time of year! We find the holiday shopping, parties, and fashion so energizing! Of course we also love the emphasis on peace, joy, love, and gratitude. It’s a special time of year! It’s also the perfect time to spread good tidings through the jewelry you wear and gifts you give. For the spiritual soul on your shopping list, a piece of jewelry to encourage peace, faith, or good fortune is both beautiful and meaningful. You can’t go wrong! We have a gorgeous collection of spiritual jewelry that will inspire beauty and peace all year long...


Even if you aren’t religious, cross jewelry is beautiful, traditional, and versatile. We have a wide selection of crosses in gold, silver, jewels, and more. Here are a few of our most favorite pieces that are perfect for layering and can be worn as both casual or dressy looks.

tree of life

Send the beauty of nature with her wherever she goes with a gorgeous tree of life piece of jewelry. This unique design has deep Celtic roots and represents a bond between the heavens and the earth. We love that it’s flowery, feminine, and totally fashionable.

evil eye

The evil eye symbol has been valued by many cultures for centuries. It’s believed to help protect yourself and loved ones from misfortune. Thankfully it also makes for really amazing jewelry! Enjoy some good fortune with our wide variety of evil eye jewelry. 


We all know and love the peace sign! It has a simplistic and aesthetically pleasing design, but can represent a variety of things like a pursuit of peaceful nature or passion for world peace. It’s a great conversation starter and inspirational message for all. Here are some of our favorite peace-themed jewelry items!

buddha banner

Our Buddha-inspired jewelry will help you feel centered and at peace wherever you go. Perfect for everyday wear or the yoga studio, you don't have to follow the religion to be able to fully appreciate the calming properties of these pieces. 

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