Spring Trends

Spring is on the horizon - we are thrilled! Not only does this mean we will soon be enjoying picnics, going for walks and watching the flowers bloom, we’ll be marking the start of a new season with the jewelry we wear.

Spring is the perfect time to switch up your jewelry collection. We’re expecting to see a lot of florals, stripes and ruffles on clothing this spring. We have the perfect jewelry for you to pair with your favorite and most trendy outfits. Here are some noteworthy pieces we’ve already been eyeing for spring 2018. 

fun and floral

Sure, flowers may seem cliche, but they’re also iconic when it comes to spring. Whether you’re a nature-loving boho babe at heart, or simply someone who just loves trends, you definitely need a few floral-inspired pieces to welcome the season that’s essentially all about flowers! We’re especially loving leafy pieces with an extra bit of flair.


golden and gorgeous

We’re crazy about all shapes, sizes, and colors of jewelry but we’re expecting golden jewelry to be especially trendy this spring. We really love gold pieces featuring chunky pendants, gorgeous gemstones or extra sparkle that will pair well with almost any warm weather outfit. Shine like the sun with our unique collection of golden pieces.



Put those navy blue and black sweaters back in the closet and break out the bold and bright colors that come with warm weather. As the colors begin to appear outdoors, add them back into your jewelry rotation as well. We find that pairing neutral clothing with funky and colorful jewelry pieces is an adorable combination. Here are some springtime essentials we think you’ll love!



Delicate, minimal jewelry pieces continue to have a moment in the spotlight. They are perfect for layering or stacking and pair well with bold prints. Whether gold or silver, there are endless possibilities, so you can’t have too many of these wonderful, versatile pieces. Here are a handful of our favorites that we know you’ll love too.




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