Top 10 Gifts for Bridesmaids

Top 10 Gifts for Bridesmaids

Your Bridesmaids are probably the most treasured women in your life, possibly a combination of friends and family and an exclusive part of the fabric that makes you who you are.  These women have no doubt shared in both your triumphs and your tragedies. Now, during this beautiful and life-changing journey, there they are, right beside you, where they have always been.  Only you know how profound and special each on of your Bridesmaids is and what each on means to you.

While you prepare to say your “I do’s”, you’ll have planning and prepping, along with fittings and a whole host of other obligations throughout this new adventure. You’ll be leaning on these women and each one will play a role in making sure that your special day is everything that you ever dreamed of.  Throughout the most significant time in your life, they will be your counselors, your sisters and your protectors ensuring that you have all of the help that you need and they will do this out of the immense bond that you all share. So, how do you show these unique and remarkeable women your earnest appreciation? With hearfelt gifts that will leave a lifelong impression on them.

Not sure where to start? Not to worry, we’ve put a list of the Top 10 Bridesmaids Gift Ideas together for you-- to give you a headstart. Each of your Bridesmaids are unique so lets take a look at the various Gift Ideas that may suit your Bridesmaid(s) based on their interests and likes. 

The Book Worm

The bookworm loves to read and because she’d like nothing more than to be curled up with a good book on a lazy Sunday, have we got some great ideas for you.

Best Seller: Scoop up a copy of a noteworthy book from the Best Seller aisle, you know what she likes so make sure that it’s genre appropriate and she’ll be sure to dive in. The Book Worm will appreciate the time that you took to dig up this paperback and she will be thankful on the commute to work.

Amazon Gift Card: If you’re not sure what book to get, play it safe with an Amazon Gift Card, you can’t go wrong with Amazon right?

The Social Butterfly

The Social Butterfly loves mingling with people and enjoys going out to events, so what do you get for this beauty?

Tickets to a concert, show or festival: Does she love Beyonce or perhaps she’s a Lady Gaga fan? Maybe she likes Music Festivals or she’s more the “October-fest” type, whatever her poison, those are the tickets you’ll want to get your hands on for this special gal. Browse StubHub for more options.

The Foodie

The Foodie loves tasting new foods and experimenting in the kitchen, why not give her something that her taste-buds and passion for food will appreciate?

Meal Delivery Service:  Meal Delivery services are becoming more popular every year, scoop up a month subscription to a Meal Delivery service like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh where all of the food and ingredients are provided in order to prepare delicious meals.  Your Bridesmaid will get to experiment with new foods and flavors and enjoy every delicious bite.

The Wine Conissour

The Wine Conissour loves exploring the fine flavors of wine and most likely enjoys collecting fabulous reds, pales and whites.

Wine Of The Month Club:  Scoop up a Gift Certificate from the Wine Of The Month Club and let The Wine Conissour explore new flavors from one of the most popular Wine Clubs around.  With a Gift Certificate for every budget, you can’t go wrong.

The Movie Buff

The Move Buff has seen every move that ever lived and she’s not stopping any time soon. Some people enjoy netflix and hulu, this girl perfers to see the action first hand with movie theatre popcorn and candy to boot. Lets satiate her yearining for the movie experience.

Movie Theatre Gift Card: With popular vendors like Fandango and AMC, you won’t have a hard time finding Movie Theatre Gift Cards for this special lady.

The Queen of Bling

The QB loves her some bling! She collects jewelry and her ideal jewelry box contains items that go with every outfit.

Bling Jewelry Gift Certificate: Luckily this QB will be able to add to her collection with a fabulous Gift Certificate from Bling Jewelry. Every delightful piece of sparkle that she has ever imagined is shoppable at Bling Jewerly online.


The Fashionist collects clothes and shoes by the mile, give her treat that she’ll never forget.

ModaBox Gift Certificate: Moda Box is a fabulous service that lets  your Fashionista get styled by professionals. A Moda Box Gift Certificate will give her the opportunity to her to get personally curated outfits by Expert Stylists. She can create her style profile that will be reviewed by a Style Expert and receive fabulous options specially tailored just for her.

Music Junky

The Music Junky is up on all the latest sounds and vibes, her earphones are never too far away and she’s always jamming to something new.

Spotify Gift Card: A Spotify Gift card will be a welcome and appreciated gift for this music loving diva.

Makeup Finatic

The Makeup Finatic always looks flawless, give her something with new colors and textures and she’ll no doubt get right on board experimenting with her new colors and brushes.

Sephora Gift Card: Sephora is a Makeup gal’s best friend because she can never get enough eyeshadow, blush, foundation or eyeliner.  Give her the gift of makeup joy from any variety of Sephora Gift Cards. You can even take it a step further with a Studio Gift Card which comes with a 45 minute makeover.

DIY Diva

You don’t even know how the DIY Diva can be so crafty, she just is. She manages to create something out of nothing and she will no doubt appreciate a thoughtful gift that will allow her to use her magical creative hands on a new project.

Michaels Gift Card: Whether she’s into Sewing, Painting or Jewelry making, there is something to be found at Michaels.  Surprise her with a Michaels Gift Card and let her create to her hearts content.

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