Summer Has Arrived! Here’s Why You MUST Pack Travel Jewelry

Sure, you can go off on a travel adventure at any time, but there is something especially exciting about summer travel.  Maybe it reminds us of summer vacation from school, or maybe it’s the mere fact that you get to explore new places while simultaneously enjoying beautiful weather. Regardless of whether you’re going to a chic city like Paris, or on a spiritual retreat in Bali, what you pack is an essential part of your travels.
Here are some of the reasons bringing just the right jewelry will aide you in both looking and feeling good on your travels.

Instant Outfit Upgrade

One of the great things about traveling is the unexpected surprises. Maybe you’re sightseeing in Rome and meet some locals that you really vibe with. Clearly you can’t turn down an invitation to check out the most authentic restaurant in the city, and that outfit you wore all day to museums and shopping gets kicked up 3 notches with the addition of something sparkly. Add a pair of cz hoops or a simple cocktail ring and voila - your day look owns the night.

Extend Your Wardrobe


When you're traveling and living out of a suitcase, don't forget that you also need to drag that suitcase... and pay extra if it's over the weight limit. Jewelry is an easy (and lightweight) wardrobe extender when traveling.  Pack basic, interchangeable clothing and use accessories to change up your look. An anklet and midi rings pair perfectly with a scarf for a bohemian vibe, or add some sparkling studs and a tennis bracelet to really glam up a dress for a special night. Your options are endless and the beauty of jewelry is that it takes up minimal space. (Note: Do NOT pack jewelry in your check-in bag, always keep it safely in your carry on.) 

Check out these jewelry sets for easy mix and match vacation options.

Fake It to Make It (Safely)

If you have a really special piece of jewelry -- like a silver necklace you wear every day or precious engagement ring- - don't bring it with you on vacation.  Why risk damaging it, losing it or having it swiped by a professional thief? Shop our cz jewelry which perfectly emulates the real thing. It's easy enough to find a similar piece to your sentimental jewelry, and there's no risk of ruining your memories of a trip because you lost something meaningful and valuable.  (Remember when Kim Kardashian lost her diamond earrings in the ocean?) You’re better off having peace of mind, and it’s so much less expensive than travel insurance.

Play a New Role

Back in the real world, we all dress and carry ourselves the same way day after day.  Why not try something new while you're on holiday? Immerse yourself in a new culture with a new style vibe – it’s a fun way to test drive a daring look without getting the side eye from your friends at home.  If you dress conservatively for work, try some breezy clothing and a fun piece of jewelry for the ultimate laid back vacation feeling.  If you’ve always wanted to try out a bohemian look, throw on a maxi skirt and some stacked bangles while cruising the back streets of an international market --your options for playing dress up are endless.


Vacation travel is a great excuse to splurge on a new camera, walking shoes or a bathing suit... but don't forget to accessorize with some fun vacation jewelry to bring your whole look and experience up a notch!

Where are you planning to sparkle this summer?

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