Jewelry For All: Unisex Gift Ideas

The pressure of gift giving is crippling. Throw a man into the mix and the task is deemed almost impossible! We rack our minds for the perfect object to “wow” our loved ones when the act of giving is enough in and of itself. This year, try a different tactic. Unisex jewelry is a fantastic way to symbolize your love and appreciation for the special men and women in your life. With so many styles to mix, match and customize - our unisex jewelry will become your one-stop-shop when purchasing gifts for all! Here are some of our favorite unisex gift ideas along with tips on how to standout this season.

What A Stud

Keep it simple with a pair of stud earrings. Browse a variety of colors and shapes to find the perfect fit for all of your friends.

Rings For Two

Take a simple band to the next level with customization. Engrave the inside of a ring with a memorable place, a significant date, or the name of a loved one to add personal value to a piece. Matching promise rings subtly display your love and devotion to your partner but the personalization will leave them speechless.


Shamballa-Inspired Bracelets

Big and bold beads in a plethora of colors make Shamballa-inspired bracelets a standout gift. Use the piece to recreate your school colors or coordinate your stack to the season. Reach within yourself to find your meaning and start a collection of mixed and matched Shamballa-inspired bracelets.

        Shamballa-inspired bracelets


What’s Your Sign

We all know our zodiac signs and the traits associated with them - even if we don’t agree. Wear your sign on your sleeve with zodiac jewelry. Whether gold and dainty for the classic fashionista or chunky and bold for the rugged, we have a sea of jewelry to satisfy all of your zodiac needs.


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Unisex jewelry doesn’t require intensive styling skills to get people shining. The simplicity and meaning behind each piece makes them a great gift for any occasion. Head to our Holiday Gift Guide for more gift giving tips and ideas. 

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