Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas & Guide for Six Types of Girls

As you know, we’re jewelry people… and that means that Valentine’s Day is our jam! Beautiful jewelry, fancy dates, and marriage proposals are right up our alley! We just love to celebrate love!

Nothing says “I love you” better than a meaningful and personal piece of Valentine’s day jewelry. Depending on the special girl in your life, she may have a particular style that will help guide you as you shop for the perfect gift. Here are six types of girls and some jewelry recommendations we are confident she’ll love!


The girl with a style that is especially feminine, ladylike, and colorful. She's sentimental and pays a great deal of attention to details and always looks incredible put-together. Special jewelry to mark a special occasion is always the way to go! 


The girl who takes a more "back-to-basics" approach to her daily style. She's drawn to traditional and simple pieces that can transition well from a t-shirt and jeans to a dress and heels. Classic diamond stud earrings, a pearl necklace, or stacking rings are wardrobe essentials for this girl. 


The most glamorous girl on the block. She has a keen eye for the next big fashion craze and is unafraid to rock the latest and greatest looks. She's brave, bold, and smart with what she wears, so a statement or high-fashion piece is sure to make her smile! 


The girl who loves a modern and edgy look. Like modern design, she's drawn to clean edges and geometric shapes. She needs jewelry that fits the hustle and bustle of her busy city life and is drawn to a look that combines key pieces with basics. She's bold and beautiful! 


The girl with a free spirit and big heart. Her unique and passionate connection to nature and other people is evident in the clothing and jewelry she wears. She is a hippie at heart and drawn to jewelry that is youthful, fashionable, and a little funky. 


The girl who has a deep connection to her heart, values, and dreams. She may be religious or simply superstitious... either way, there are symbols that matter deeply to her. She'll love jewelry that expresses her personal beliefs or offers good fortune with a fashionable twist. 


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