White after Labor Day? YES!

At Bling, we believe that fashion has no rules. And even though it’s September, we are confident you can still wear white gold, pearls, gemstones, and leather well into the fall and winter months!

Here are some of our favorite white-colored items sure to complete any look year-round!




From pearls to diamonds to simple white gold studs, earrings can complete any look. Pair your favorite fall sweater with one of these gorgeous earring sets!


Casual or dressy, a pretty bracelet is the frosting on the cake. You can wear any of these options all year round! 


Most people use their cell phones to tell time these days, but a pretty watch is still the perfect wrist accessory!


A necklace can make a look more edgy, classic, or romantic. What will you choose? 


The perfect gemstone or white gold band is subtle and classic. We’re obsessed with all of these options!  

And if white isn’t your thing... that’s okay! Here are a few of our newest time-honored fall pieces!

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