Fight the Winter Blues

We’re more than halfway through January and the winter blues are beginning to set in… Can you relate? For those of us in cold weather climates, this time of year can feel especially long. If you’re anything like that, you’re on the lookout for ways to keep your spirits high in the dead of winter. Online shopping and amazing jewelry usually does the trick!

Whether you’re out at festive party, meeting friends for drinks after work, or snuggled up with a good book in front of the fireplace, you can express yourself with the jewelry you wear. And since we’re on the topic of “winter blues,” here is a list of some of our favorite pieces featuring blue hues that are sure to warm your heart on a chilly day!

snow day

The holidays may be over, but you can proudly wear snowflake jewelry all winter long! We love how festive, unique, and delicate snowflakes look as a charm or pendant. Add a little diamond or gemstone and you can count on a gorgeous and feminine look that will keep you smiling on even the coldest winter day.

sapphire desire

You don’t need to have a September birthday in order to appreciate and flaunt a gorgeous sapphire gemstone. A bright blue sparkle can compliment both casual and dressy looks at any time and place. These pieces are timeless and chic ...we are confident you can’t go wrong with sapphire jewelry!

casual blues

For the blustery days that leave you wearing your most comfortable and casual clothing, choose a piece of jewelry that compliments your coziest look. A blue leather bracelet, large cocktail ring, or beaded necklace will add just enough flair and inspiration to keep winter feeling fun! 

eye see blue

We just can’t get enough of the evil eye jewelry trend happening right now, so whether a glamorous or minimalist look is your thing, there are plenty of options to express yourself. Enjoy some good fortune this winter with one of these fun and unique pieces! 

charming in blue

Charm bracelets are the best. We especially love how they can be adjusted to represent the season of life (literally or figuratively) for whoever is wearing it. Choose from our wide selection of gorgeous charms and beads to create the perfect bracelet to wear all winter long. It’s personal, playful, and completely charming!

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