Glossary of Jewelry Terms: L

Lavaliere (also called a "negligé"): A pendant on a fine chain worn as a necklace. The name comes from the name of the mistress of Louis XV, Louise de la Valliere, because she wore a jeweled pendant suspended from a chain.

Liquid silver: The term given to strands of small silver beads which were made by carefully slicing tubes of sterling silver into 1/8" pieces and stringing them together. When strung together they look like one long piece of silver tube.

Locket: A hinged case, usually in the shape of an oval or heart, which can be opened or closed and usually contains a photograph or memento inside.

Lost Wax Process, or Casting: Casting process where a carved or cast wax original is encased in clay or other investment, the wax is melted under temperature and the resulting voids are filled with molten metal. Used since early Egyptian times for casting fine metals where the highest level of detail was required.

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