Be inspired with love, luck and unity with our beautifully designed necklace collection. Choose from sterling silver pendants, radiant birthstones, and infinity styles. Shop Ayllu collection with Kay Jewelers. Find the perfect inspirational jewelry gift for someone special. 

A symbol of our generation, Ayllu is an uplifting expression of Love, Luck and Unity. Originating from the traditional Peruvian greeting, Ayllu celebrates diversity to create a community that stands in solidarity. Each jewelry item is imbued with the power to transform and inspire.

The AYLLU symbol embodies the coming together of different people, values and cultures to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its separate parts. The hearts represent the love shared with the important people in life. The infinity symbol reminds us that we are entwined in the global community forever. The clover brings good fortune and prosperity.

Ayllu is a beautiful representation of communities reconciling through solidarity. Being a member of Ayllu means to embrace inclusivity and acceptance. Now more than ever - it is essential for us to use our voices to stand strong together.

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