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Mens Pendants Sterling Silver Dog Tags Engrave Custom Military Dog Tag

Check out our selection of personalized dog tags for men and women. We carry stylish ready-to-wear dog tag pendants as well as custom engraved dog tags with your unique message or information.

Dog tags are a very popular accessory among men’s jewelry as they feature a stylish yet rugged design based off the original military dog tags. However, you don’t have to be a man or to have served time in the military to enjoy these stylish pieces of unisex jewelry. Bling Jewelry carries a large selection of dog tag necklaces in styles like the engravable medical ID dog tag, a religious prayer dog tag, and the blank dog tags that are just waiting for your personalized engraving.

We also carry many styles of dog tag jewelry that come with their own unique designs and are worn purely as a fashion accessory – no personalized engraving needed. These sterling silver dog tags make great fashion accessories and add character to any outfit. And in the case that you are ex-military or have someone in your life that is currently serving in the military, we also have a wide selection of dog tags and dog tag lockets with military emblems such as that of the U.S. Coast Guard, Marines, Air Force, Navy, and Army.

Whatever your style and reason for getting a dog tag, we’re confident you’ll find a design that’s right for you.

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