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View our collection of elegant fleur de lis jewelry and add this ever-so-popular and meaningful symbol to your jewelry collection. We carry fleur de lis necklaces, earrings, pendants, as well as many stylish fleur de lis gift items.

The fleur de lis symbol is one of the oldest and widely used symbols around today. Its roots date back thousands of years to the times of ancient Egypt (and perhaps even earlier) and its meaning has changed almost as much as the symbol has been used.

Throughout history the fleur de lis symbol was used to represent nature (such as in the case of the Tree of Life, which is now very popular in Celtic jewelry), religion (where it had ties to Greek mythology and Christian characters such as Jesus and the Virgin Mary, as well as representing the Holy Trinity), and the most widely known, French royalty (where it was often used in the coats of arms). It is also widely used today as the symbol of the Quebec flag, the logo of the New Orleans Saints football team, and as a major element of the boy scouts logo.

With all the different associations and meanings people can give to fleur de lis jewelry, as well as its stylish design, which adds a feel of royalty to any look, it’s amazing that we don’t see much more of it being worn. A fleur de lis necklace, bracelet, or cufflink can have much meaning to it and be very important to the person wearing it (for the reasons above and many more). So when you see a fleur de lis necklace out in public, or are the one wearing this stylish symbol, know that it is a great conversation piece that can open you up to great conversations and meeting people you might have much in common with.

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