A Gold-Tone
A Silver-Tone
M Gold-Tone
E Gold-Tone
A Rose-Tone
M Silver-Tone
M Rose-Tone
B Silver-Tone
N Gold-Tone
B Gold-Tone
B Rose-Tone
C Gold-Tone
C Silver-Tone
C Rose-Tone
D Silver-Tone
D Rose-Tone
D Gold-Tone
E Silver-Tone
E Rose-Tone
G Silver-Tone
F Silver-Tone
G Gold-Tone
F Gold-Tone
G Rose-Tone
F Rose-Tone
H Gold-Tone
H Silver-Tone
P Gold-Tone
H Rose-Tone
P Silver-Tone
J Gold-Tone
R Gold-Tone
N Silver-Tone
R Silver-Tone
S Gold-Tone
V Gold-Tone
S Silver-Tone
V Silver-Tone
T Gold-Tone
Z Gold-Tone
T Silver-Tone
Z Silver-Tone
N Rose-Tone
L Gold-Tone
P Rose-Tone
L Silver-Tone
R Rose-Tone
L Rose-Tone
J Silver-Tone
S Rose-Tone
T Rose-Tone

Large Letter Cursive Script Initial Pin Brooch Pave Crystal Silver Plated

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This rose gold or silver plated script initial letter pin brooch is encrusted with pave crystal stones and is a nice and sparkly gift idea for any occasion. It can be worn to either a casual or formal event and paired up with the other letters of the alphabet for a special thought or an idea. Whether for a birthday, Mothers Day, or any other celebrated event, this script initial pin brooch is a nice addition to any outfit and jewelry collection. SKU: FAJ-BH7770-A-AZ UPC: 640626765510
Measure: 1.25in H x .5in W
Weight: 2 grams
Material: Rhodium Plated Crystal
Enhance your favorite garments, and fashion accessories with this Personalized initial brooch pin on jacket blouses, sweaters, scarves, hats, bag, knapsack and more.

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