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Novelty Watches Vintage Pocket Railroad, Antique Pocket Watch For Men

Pick up a cool watch that looks just like jewelry. Our novelty watches aren’t meant for every day. Wear these with your favorite bracelets for a jewelry look that has a hidden time piece. If you prefer the look of jewelry, these pieces are perfect because they have a hidden dial or jewelry look. Are you a fashionista that wants to stay chic? Make an arm party with a unique watch and matching bracelets. Or maybe you know someone that doesn’t like time pieces but it always late. Try our charm one that looks just like a charm bracelet.

Our pieces come at great prices. Most vintage watches can be spendy, but ours are bargain price so they are affordable. Shop for a gift or shop for yourself. This is one piece that is both fashionable and functional. If you are a fan of the Shamballa inspired look then one of our disco ball bead watches will go perfectly with your macramé bracelets. Just pile them on in similar colors for a look that is a little bit boho and a lot cool.

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