Sweet Dreamer

Shop Our Sweet Dreamer Constellation Jewelry, Star Pendants and Zodiac Jewelry

Fall in love with the stars in our sweet dreamer collection. Constellation jewelry, sterling silver star jewelry and zodiac jewelry are the perfect whimsical accessories for the girl with stars in her eyes. Choose some celestial jewelry for your favorite night owl, or a zodiac pendant for a special birthday gift. CHART Aries March 21- April 19 Taurus April 20- May 20 Gemini May 21- June 20 Cancer June 21- July 22 Leo July 23- Aug 22 Virgo Aug 23- Sept 22 Libra Sept 23- Oct 22 Scorpio Oct 23- Nov 21 Sagittarius Nov 22- Dec 21 Capricorn Dec 22- Jan 19 Aquarius Jan 20- Feb 18 Pisces Feb 19- March 20
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