Genuine Gemstone Bead Strand Western Necklace Silver Clasp 18 16 Inch

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Stabilized Turquoise | Image1
Tiger Eye | Image1
Lapis Lazuli | Image1
Amazonite | Image1
Onyx | Image1
Rose Quartz | Image1
Carnelian | Image1
Calcite | Image1
Compressed Turquoise | Image1
Beryl | Image1
Moonstone | Image1
Quartz | Image1
Sardonyx | Image1
Selenite | Image1
Malachite | Image1
Jade | Image1
Aquamarine | Image1
Jasper | Image1
Aventurine | Image1
Pink Quartz | Image1
Stabilized Turquoise | Image2
Tiger Eye | Image2
Lapis Lazuli | Image2
Amazonite | Image2
Onyx | Image2
Rose Quartz | Image2
Carnelian | Image2
Calcite | Image2
Compressed Turquoise | Image2
Beryl | Image2
Moonstone | Image2
Quartz | Image2
Sardonyx | Image2
Selenite | Image2
Malachite | Image2
Jade | Image2
Aquamarine | Image2
Jasper | Image2
Aventurine | Image2
Pink Quartz | Image2
Stabilized Turquoise | Image3
Tiger Eye | Image3
Lapis Lazuli | Image3
Amazonite | Image3
Onyx | Image3
Rose Quartz | Image3
Carnelian | Image3
Calcite | Image3
Compressed Turquoise | Image3
Beryl | Image3
Moonstone | Image3
Quartz | Image3
Sardonyx | Image3
Selenite | Image3
Malachite | Image3
Jade | Image3
Aquamarine | Image3
Jasper | Image3
Aventurine | Image3
Pink Quartz | Image3
Beryl | Image4
Moonstone | Image4
Quartz | Image4
Sardonyx | Image4
Selenite | Image4
Malachite | Image4
Jade | Image4
Aquamarine | Image4
Jasper | Image4
Aventurine | Image4
Pink Quartz | Image4
Stabilized Turquoise | Lifestyle
  • Measure: 10MM bead x 16 Inch
  • Weight: Approx.79.4 Gram
  • Material: Tiger Eye, Silver Plating, Brass
  • SKU: CB-BJ0658-16-AZ
  • UPC: 756995779352
The polished finish ball beads in alternating grey blackish and brown authentic Tiger Eye gemstone. Due to the naturally occurring characteristics of gemstones, each is unique and may exhibit imperfections such as inclusions , blemishes and cloudiness, as well as color variations. With its easy-to-wear design, Beautiful brown and earth tones that will go with any ensemble. This gemstone bead necklace has streaks of stripes of grey, brown and golden yellow. Pair it with your casual or formal attire it adds a neutral accent to any style. .
It is easy to fall in love with our newest, Lapis lazuli bead necklace. The intense colors and the subtle tonal variations of the 10mm beads, make this a gorgeous gemstone hand knotted bead necklace that will add a bit of sophisticated flair to your look, day or night. Classic blue bead necklaces belong in every fashionable women's collection of trendy accessories. In Egyptian culture, Lapis Lazuli jewelry was thought to symbolize truth and to enhance the bonds of friendship. Buy one of our gorgeous and affordable toggle necklaces for a friend who loves the color blue, before you complete your check out and give her a gift she will love. Gem jewelry adds an elegant and colorful touch to every outfit.

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