Men Rope Anchor Signet Ring Checker Board Black Gold Plated Silver

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Exhibit your passion with this nautical anchor ring. A yellow toned Anchor with rope atop the oval shaped black honeycomb effect ring. A trend setter ring to the fashion-forward style, a handsome contrast of black and white is eye-cactching. A bold checkerboard surrounds the center anchor and extends along shank of the wide ring complimenting the anchor and the combination finish ring. Ideal accessory for navy, crew, sailor & pirate! SKU: PTS-ZKY-816-CA-8-AZ UPC: 643906542153
MEASURE: Ring top face length: 23.6mm
band bottom width 3.4mm
Weight: 10.8 grams
Material: 925 Sterling Silver.
High quality, hypoallergenic material that will stand the test of time.

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