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Omega Clip Earrings

Here you will find the best selection of omega clip earrings and other accessories. Women love this style of jewelry because it is secure and totally cute to wear. They won’t slide off or get lost because they have a special secure closure. This way, you can be fashionable and feel confident that your favorite jewelry item will not simply fall off.

An omega back pearl earring or hoop is a stylish way to add a new trend into your jewelry collection. They can dangle in a sophisticated way or securely hug your ear because of their closing clasp. Omega half hoop styles are perfect for women that love fashion with a dash of practical comfort. Bling Jewelry earrings increase those qualities because we offer a great inexpensive price without the cheap jewelry qualities that other sellers may have. Purchasing stunning styles like cubic zirconia omega clips earrings is a great way to show off your style.

Brides often opt for bridal omega jewelry because they want to show off their dazzling wedding updos without worrying that their bridal jewelry will get in the way. This style is suitable for women of all ages. From professional women to younger women, our earrings can be matched to any special outfit and worn to various events and occasions. Wear your new Bling Jewelry inexpensive earrings to your best friend’s bridal shower, an anniversary dinner or buy them as jewelry gifts for the ones you love most. The value and the quality make these dangle, hoop, teardrop or chandelier or onyx earrings a wonderful purchase.  


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20 Items

  • Bling Jewelry Silver Plated Art Deco Princess Cut Color CZ Omega Dangle Earrings

    Glam Era Earrings

    $17.99 - $22.99
  • Bling Jewelry Silver Tone CZ Omega Back Bridal Hoop Earrings

    Hot Sparkle Hoops

  • Bling Jewelry Art Deco Baguette CZ Half Hoop Omega Gatsby Inspired Earrings

    Graceful Earrings

  • Bling Jewelry Sterling Silver Half Bead Ball Earring Clip On Earrings

    Fast Ball Earrings

  • Bling Jewelry CZ Pave Matte Silver Tone Half Hoop Earrings

    Half Matte Hoops

    Regular Price: $29.99

    Special Price $14.99

  • Bling Jewelry Silver Victorian CZ Half Hoop Omega Clip Earrings with Pearls

    Glam Goddess Hoops

  • Bling Jewelry CZ Pave Starfish Omega Clip Earrings 925 Sterling Silver Bling Jewelry CZ Pave Starfish Omega Clip Earrings 925 Sterling Silver

    Star Stunner Clips

  • Bling Jewelry Sunburst Sea Shell Pearl Marquise CZ Omega Earrings

    Burst Of Pearl Clips

  • Bling Jewelry Love Knot CZ Pave Simulated Pearl Omega Clip Earrings

    Pearl Petal Earring

    Regular Price: $49.99

    Special Price $29.99

  • Bling Jewelry Rhodium Plated Pave CZ Omega Back Love Knot Stud Earrings

    Forever Flashy Studs

  • Bling Jewelry Fancy CZ Triple Teardrop Chandelier Earrings

    Journey Earrings

    $44.99 - $56.99
  • Bling Jewelry Teardrop Micro Pave CZ Chandelier Earrings Omega Back

    96 Teardrop Earrings

    Regular Price: $189.99

    Special Price $49.99

  • Bling Jewelry Black and White Gothic Skull Stud Earrings Omega Back

    Dark Skull Eye Studs

  • Bling Jewelry CZ Belt Buckle Omega Clip Earrings

    Get the Belt Earring

  • Bling Jewelry Teardrop 2.25ct CZ Sapphire Color Omega Back Earrings

    Highness Earrings

  • Bling Jewelry Silver Plated Round Faceted CZ Sapphire Color Omega Clip Earrings

    Unbutton Earrings

  • Bling Jewelry Aquamarine Color Blue CZ Daisy Flower Cluster Earrings Omega Back

    Aqua Blue Bloom Earring

  • Bling Jewelry Purple CZ Briolette Teardrop Floral Omega Drop Cluster Earrings Bling Jewelry Purple CZ Briolette Teardrop Floral Omega Drop Cluster Earrings

    Colored Fancy Dangle

    Regular Price: $56.99

    Special Price $39.99

  • Bling Jewelry Calla Lily South Sea Shell Pearl Bridal Drop Earrings Omega Back

    Lily Pearl Earrings

  • Bling Jewelry Black CZ Two Tone Square Cushion Omega Earrings

    Hear Evil Earrings


20 Items