Birthday Jewelry

Birthdays are the perfect occasion for a birthstone jewelry gift!  They are personal, powerful and the concept of birthstones is centuries old.

A birthstone symbolizes the month in which a person is born, making it a traditional gift for modern times.  The January birthstone is a warm red Garnet, known as the stone of regeneration. February birthdays will enjoy a royal purple Amethyst birthstone, also called  the Sobriety Stone, which also aids in meditation for it's calming and spiritual properties. The gem for March is a bright blue Aquamarine, the Stone of Courage and protection which is also good for inner peace and self love. April is glistening Diamond, the King of Gems which amplifies strength, clarity and truth. For those Harry Potter fans out there diamond is also known as the stone of invisibility. For those lovers born in May, the Emerald gemstone is the Stone of Successful Love which also helps you let go of negativity. June's birthstones are Pearl and Moonstone, both bringing calmness and centeredness. Moonstone jewelry is also known to amplify female energy to help enhance your inner Goddess. July is paired with fiery Ruby, the Stone of Nobility that powerfully stimulates the heart chakra. Peridot is the birthstone for August and increases confidence and assertiveness, while September's Sapphire promotes wisdom. Opal birthstone gifts for October will stimulate originality and crativity, while November's Citrine emits bright and joyous energy. For the last month, Turquoise, one of the first stones used in jewelry, is great for purification and healing.

When shopping for a piece of jewelry as a birthday gift, you can't go wrong with gemstone jewelry picked especially for someone special!