July Birthstone

July Birthstone Red Jewelry CZ Ruby Ring Necklace Earrings Bracelet

The July birthstone is the ruby, which is the second hardest and rarest gemstone after the diamond. Its deep red color is believed to be that of an inextinguishable flame and is given as a sign of true everlasting love. View our collection of CZ ruby rings, necklaces, bracelets, and much more beautiful red jewelry.

July is all about red! The ruby’s deep red color has been associated with love and passion, and people have believed that inside the ruby burns an inextinguishable fire – a fire that can represent the everlasting love and passion a couple can have for each other. It is for this reason that the ruby sometimes replaces the diamond when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands (as well as adding originality to the wedding tradition). You don’t need to wait for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion such as a wedding – show your love and passion for your special someone with CZ ruby jewelry whenever. Perfect for gifting on Valentine's Day or anniversary. 

As with all birthstones and gemstones that date back to ancient times, there are also some superstitious effects that are supposed to act on the wearer. In the case of ruby jewelry, it is believed that if worn on the left hand, such as with a ruby ring, the gemstone will draw good fortune to the wearer. Well, we’re not too sure of the ruby’s claims to luck and an internal flame, but one thing’s for sure – everyone will notice a beautiful ruby necklace, ring, or bracelet whenever you wear it. Check out our large collection of CZ cubic zirconia ruby jewelry and add this beautiful gemstone to your fashion jewelry collection today.

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