I Am Ayllu: Social Media Spotlight

With the release of the Ayllu collection, Bling Jewelry CEO and Founder, Elena Castaneda, wants to remind shoppers what made America great in the first place - diversity. 

The word “ayllu”, meaning community in the ancient Quechua language of the Incas, lies at the root of the collection. Castaneda grew up in a multicultural household - her mother of German heritage and her father from Peru. Although they came from vastly distinctive backgrounds, they learned to celebrate and embrace their differences as a family. 

The Ayllu symbol represents the coming together of different people, values and cultures. It consists of three emblems, a heart, an infinity sign and a clover - encompassing the power of "Love. Luck. Unity." The collection is a beautiful expression of communities uniting through solidarity. Ayllu urges shoppers to make more than just a fashion statement. That is why 10% of every Ayllu sale is donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to help unite and heal the gobal community. 

Castaneda encourages wearers to continue sharing the spirit of Ayllu long after the initial purchase. She urges the Ayllu community to log onto social media (@aylluofficial) and share inspiring stories on how their communities are coming together through solidarity!

Over the past few months, we have received a deluge of inspiring Ayllu messages and stories! Stories of immigrant families, creativity and acceptance push us to continue sharing the message of Ayllu. Here are some of our favorite stories thus far.

Aida Vianna (@aida.vianna)

“I am very proud of my Kazakh/Tatar background. I often get asked where I'm from and it makes me happy to tell people about my country and my culture. I’m so lucky to say that I am blessed with so many amazing friends from all over the globe. I think our differences should be celebrated daily. This is why I wear my @aylluofficial bracelet to remind me to be proud of my heritage and to celebrate diversity all around me ✨PC: my amazingly talented Brazilian husband who takes the most stunning sunset photos”

On Aida: The AYLLU Eternal Bracelet 


Janae (@nae2curly)

“Diversity is beautiful! When you open yourself up to it, you allow creativity, collaboration, compassion, and refreshing of cultural experiences to blossom and manifest. @aylluofficial brings together      those differences to promote a positive change in our community…”

On Janae: The AYLLU Come Together Studs

Adaleta Avdic (@adaatude)

“Diversity is important in the US, and I am thankful to be accepted as I am. This is the land of diversity, as we've all come from all over the world for more opportunity. Diversity has helped me become successful, because when people told me I wouldn't be successful because I'm not "from this country" I grinded even harder to get where I wanted to be. In America, we build communities big and small but at the end of the day we are one giant metropolitan melting pot of people from all over the globe. We are diversity in the finest sense of it and I'm proud to be diverse myself. This gorgeous set from @aylluofficial signifies that diversity, but also the fact that we can come together as one…”

On Adaleta: The AYLLU I Am You Ring


Katie Teutenberg

“...Not only are these pieces beautiful so is the message behind them.      The Ayllu symbol represents diversity and the coming together of  people. After spending time in a new state I realized just how important open-mindedness and allowing yourself to meet and interact with    people from different backgrounds truly is. You start to see things from the  perspectives of others and that is a gift that helps you to analyze current situations around you and come together to make a change for the better. I am so grateful to live in a place like Milwaukee that has community based art projects that not only help the community but    bring people within it together and really fit the Ayllu message.”

Pictured: The AYLLU Spirit Pendant

Share the message of Ayllu! Tell us why diversity is important to you by tagging @aylluofficial on social media and you may get featured. Follow Ayllu on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Shop the Ayllu collection by Bling Jewelry. 

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