Birthstone Jewelry: What Does Your Stone Say About You?

When you have style and grace, you pay attention to the details - you know the details say a lot about you. But what about your birthstone? You didn't choose your birth month so what exactly does your birthstone say about you?

Every birthstone has special meaning.  

Rocking your birthstone in a ring, earrings or necklace might garner a question or two about its significance. Do you know the meaning behind your month’s birthstone? Take a look at the various months below and find out the story that each birthstone tells.


January Garnet: Faith and Loyalty

Garnet is a rich red gemstone, full of warmth and beauty. Wearing garnet symbolizes loyalty and generosity.

A girl who wears garnet doesn’t need to be called or texted first - she’s always going to reach out and touch base with her closest friends. Garnet is a creative soul that builds lasting relationships, is easy to talk to and always tries to stay positive.

She’ll skip the gossip and drama and never misses an opportunity to lend a helping hand. You can always count on a garnet girl’s stability to keep you grounded.  


February Amethyst: Sincerity and Wittiness

The amethyst stone comes in beautiful shades of purple, lilac and mauve. Amethyst symbolizes peacefulness. People with February birthdays who personify their birthstone are among the most sincere people that you could ever meet.

Amethyst girls are able to receive criticism without taking it personally. While she may appear soft and delicate, she’s actually strong and valiant. An Amethyst girl is witty, spiritual and secure in who she is. She’ll never lie to you and she gives her friends honest and truthful advice and opinions.


March Aquamarine: Happiness and Courage


Aquamarine is a stunning semi-precious gemstone most commonly worn in bright blue. Aquamarine fans are absolutely fearless and have the capacity to believe in the impossible (and often achieve it)!

Aquamarine girls have the patience of a saint and know that anything worth having takes time and planning. If you have an aquamarine-wearing friend, you know that she has no problem saying “no” when necessary. She is that friend that is willing to give an opposing opinion when everyone else is in agreement.

April Diamond: Selfless and Loving


Girls who wear diamond birthstones can be sweet and affectionate. They believe in love and commitment and are as devoted to their friends as they are their family.

Diamond-wearing girls have a great sense of selflessness and there is nothing that she wouldn’t do for you. They are fair in friendships and are always there for you, even if sometimes you aren’t so loveable. Diamond girls are always hopeful and want to believe the best of people; slow to anger and very quick to forgive.


May Emerald: Fidelity and Independence

Emerald is a gemstone that comes in the most stunning shades of green. It symbolizes a supportive and nurturing nature.

Emerald girls will stick by you ‘til the end and never waiver. They are reliable and trustworthy - someone you can really depend on.

She often gives too much of herself in order to be helpful to others. Her spontaneity is admired, and if she can, she would drop everything and jump on plane, train or automobile to hit the road for a spontaneous adventure. She is also independent and would be happy to go on that trip alone... and love it!




June Pearl: Integrity and Nurturing

Pearls are one of the most feminine gems of all. They start out as a small irritation in an oyster, and are formed layer by layer until they take on a soft and lustrous shine.

The woman who wears pearls exhibits these same qualities. She is naturally nurturing and has developed a strong sense of personal integrity. This makes her faithful, loyal, truthful and pure.

Pearl-wearing women help one learn to love themselves more, and in turn, this gives her the insight to project more love onto others.


July Ruby: Perceptive and Loving

Ruby is fiery red and the girls who wear them are just as exciting.

A ruby girl is a joy to be around because she recognizes the value of true friendships, and on the flipside, she instinctively realizes those who are not good friends. Her motto is “treat everyone equally;” therefore, she’ll never favor one friend over another.

While she’s fun to be around, Ruby also appreciates her alone time, so don’t be offended if she needs to takes a timeout.



August Peridot: Positivity and Energy

The Peridot gem ranges from olive to spring green. Girls who don peridot are dreamers and have no fears about life. She loves giving and receiving attention. She’s probably the joker of the group, which means she is often the first to console a friend with her positive vibes.

She has a tremendous spirit and she will always be memorable no matter how many years go by without seeing her.


September Sapphire: Wisdom and Calmness

The Sapphire gem is for the pure of heart and the girls who wear them are known for their kind and sympathetic nature. They’re easygoing and always willing to compromise.

Although she is very loyal, she might be willing to sugar coat any criticism so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings. They are confident and soft spoken and like to observe but can also be great speakers. Sapphire girls may be the most obsessive of your friends because they're extremely detail oriented.

If Sapphire seems a little hard on the outside, it’s only because she’s used to keeping her feelings to herself. Keep in mind that she’s actually soft on the inside. She will never tell you that she needs a hug but she often does. She’s generous and expects the same love and loyalty that she gives you in return but she won’t ever ask or point it out.




October Opal: Creativity and Emotion

The most valuable opals have a bold “fire” in them, and so does the October born woman who wears one. Her spirit is fun and creative with splashes of color throughout her personality.

Since opal is an emotional stone that reflects the mood of the wearer, be prepared for the October-born woman to really let her emotions show. She is free of inhibitions and not afraid to show who she really is.

Flashy opals will always draw attention and have a flair for drama but she also knows how to disappear when she does not want to be seen. Old mythology actually states that wearing an opal can render one invisible.


November Citrine: Success and Prosperity

Citrine is a deep gold quartz ranging from clear yellow to dark orange. Citrine girls are high-spirited and love deeply.

This girl is unique in every way and ultra-idealistic. She doesn’t take “no” for an answer and almost always get her way. She can pretty much do whatever she sets her mind to as failure is not an option. While you’re chatting about the latest gossip, citrine is figuring out how she’s going to conquer the world.

She is extremely trustworthy and respected for the way that she treats her friends. If you maintain honesty and are forthright with Citrine, you will have a friend for the rest of your life. Her motto is “honesty is the best policy.”



December Turquoise: Happiness and Prosperity

Turquoise-wearing girls are known for their loyalty and generosity. She’s a social butterfly and loves to be loved. Her sense of humor is one of her best features. She’s a ball of laughs and every time you’re with her you can’t help but be happy.

Turquoise is full of creativity and is admired for her self-discipline and drive. She’s a great friend to have because her passion is infectious -- she makes those around her want to strive for more. Turquoise might come off as cold to a stranger but her friends know that they are loved. This woman is always caring and helpful to her true friends. Her circle might be small but you better believe that her friends mean everything to her.



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