Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Birthstone Jewelry

Welcome back to the Mother’s Day gift series! For the next month, we will be sharing our favorite Mother’s Day jewelry gift ideas. From birthstones to Pandora-compatible charms, our Mother’s Day Gift Guide is the perfect place to find gifts for mom.

Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry is a great gift for the sentimental mother. Each month’s birthstone color holds a significant meaning which may or may not reflect personality type. These baubles are more than just a piece of jewelry! They help mom celebrate her birthday all year long. Pick a ring, earring, necklace or charm! Wow mom with an array of gemstone jewelry this Mother’s Day!


Birthstone Meanings 

The January birthstone is a warm garnet, known as the stone of regeneration. February babies enjoy an amethyst birthstone which aids in meditation due to its calming and spiritual properties. March’s bright blue aquamarine, the stone of courage and protection, is known for its ability to cause inner peace and self love. April’s glistening diamond amplifies strength, clarity and truth.

For those born in May, the emerald gemstone is the Stone of Successful Love which also helps let go of negative energy. June's birthstones are pearl and moonstone, both bringing calmness and centeredness. July is paired with fiery ruby, the Stone of Nobility that powerfully stimulates the heart chakra. August’s peridot increases confidence and assertiveness, while September's sapphire promotes wisdom.

Opal birthstone gifts for October will stimulate originality and creativity, while November's Citrine emits bright and joyous energy. Finally December’s turquoise, one of the first stones used in jewelry, is great for purification and healing.




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